10 Weird Kings and Queens in History

King Louis XIV of France must have been the stinkiest ruler in history. His throne was a makeshift toilet seat, which he used all the time — even during court sessions. To make the matter smellier, the king bathed only three times in his lifetime. To overcome the foul smell that would perhaps knock out many people at a time, Louis filled his palace with perfumed flowers. Though he didn’t bathe himself in water, he immersed his clothes in some of the best perfumes available at the time.

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5 Evil Monarchs in History

Temujin, better known as Genghis Khan, was the founder of the Mongol Empire, which would become the largest contiguous empire in history after his death. Although he is known as a great military commander, a revolutionary of trade, for encouraging religious tolerance, and as a hero to Mongolia, his conquests vilified him throughout most of history.

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