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The longest boxing match ever in History was 111 Rounds

The longest professional boxing match in recorded history took place on April 6, 1893, in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was between fighters Andy Bowen and Jack Burke and lasted 111 rounds, or 7 hours and 19 minutes. The match ended in a draw and both fighters were exhausted.

The fight was an exhibition of endurance and toughness, as both fighters kept throwing punches for over 7 hours without either one of them being able to secure a knockout victory. The bout became a legend in the boxing world, and its record-breaking length has not been broken to this day.

The rules of the match were different from those used today. Rounds were 3 minutes long and there were no rest periods between rounds. In addition, there were no weight classes and no limit on the number of rounds a fight could last. These rules, combined with the endurance and determination of both fighters, led to the marathon match that became known as the longest boxing match in history.

The fight was held in front of a packed crowd at the Olympic Club in New Orleans and attracted national attention. It was covered by newspapers across the country and helped to establish professional boxing as a legitimate sport.

The legacy of the longest boxing match in history lives on to this day. It serves as a reminder of the endurance and toughness of the human spirit and of the history of the sport of boxing. While the rules of boxing have changed over the years, and fights are now typically shorter and less grueling, the record set by Andy Bowen and Jack Burke remains a testament to the determination and heart of the fighters who stepped into the ring on that historic day in 1893.

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In conclusion, the 111-round bout between Andy Bowen and Jack Burke remains one of the most remarkable events in the history of professional boxing. Its length and endurance are a testament to the fighters’ determination and heart, and its legacy continues to inspire athletes and fans alike.

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