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5 Weird and Interesting Traditions in History

1# Kissed a women to see if she drank alcohol

The “ius osculi”, the “right of the kiss”, was a custom introduced by Roman law.

A woman was supposed to kiss her husband, father and brother on the mouth every day.

This gesture, only apparently affectionate, allowed the men of the family to “test” her breath to verify that she had not drunk wine.

For this violated an ancient law that equated a woman’s drinking with disgrace and adultery.

It was therefore punishable by death.

A woman caught drinking wine could be disowned or killed by her husband with the consent of her closest relatives.

But this prohibition applied only to honest women and not to the notorious probrosae, i.e. actresses, dancers, tavern waitresses.

And what was the deeper reason for this law?

The contraceptive and abortifacient properties attributed to pure wine, and especially the link between drunkenness and sexuality.

“Any woman who is immoderately greedy for wine closes the door to virtue and opens it to vice,” wrote the historian Valerius Maximus in the first century BC.

2# Divorce by Combat in medival Germany

The Middle Age practice of settling marriage disputes with trial by combat. In medieval Germany, husbands and wives could fight in a marital duel in order to legally settle their disputes.

Interestingly, the man had to fight in a hole with one of his arms tied behind his back. The woman was allowed to move freely within the arena but had to wear cloth containing weights. As for her weapon, she was usually given a sack filled with rocks. The man was provided with three clubs. However, if he touched the side of the hole during combat, he had to forfeit one of his clubs.

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Married couples were usually given a month or two to settle their differences prior to combat. The duel would only take place if they could not compromise and make peace with each other. If the husband lost the duel, he would have his head cut off. If the wife lost the duel, she would be buried alive.

3# In Ancient Greece Prostitutes used sign

Prostitutes in ancient Greece used to mark the soles of their sandals to imprint the “follow me” on the ground to attract possible customers. This is what ‘follow me‘ looks like in Greek “ΑΚΟΛΟΥΘΕΙ ΜΟΙ”. Prostitution was a common aspect of ancient Greece and noted a significant amount in the Greek economy.

The story evolved from one racist claim that Greek women were so immoral that they would inscribe p*rnographic images on the soles of their shoes to attract men; along with a single pair of sandals inscribed with “follow me”.

4# In Medieval French Women  poisoned their Husbands.

There was a French city where, during the Middle Ages, the women had an odd habit. In the morning, married women would put a small dose of poison in the breakfast they had prepared for their husbands.

Later on, when their men returned home during the evening, they would be given the antidote. In this way, the poison would not become harmful and affect them. There was a strict reason for this practice. Should the husbands remain elsewhere for too long, as the administration of the antidote got delayed, the men would end up experiencing symptoms like nausea, headaches, depression, vomiting, pain or shortness of breath.

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The longer the man delayed to return home to his wife, the sicker he would get. And, ultimately, when he finally returned home, his wife unknowingly gave him the antidote. In this way, within a few minutes, he quickly started feeling better. All of this worked as a trick, giving men the impression that being away from home would lead to pain and depression. Therefore, the husbands would become more attached to their homes and their wives.

5# You can marry only if you defeat your wife in a wrestling match

A tradition prevailed among the descendants of Genghis Khan.  A man who wants to marry a woman has to wrestle with her before marrying her.

In the Middle Ages there was a Mongolian woman named Khutulun.  Many men have lost the fight to marry her.  Khutulun is believed to have wrestled more than 1,000,000 men.

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